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Alen Majer

NEW: Alen was voted as #2 of the Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management in 2013!

Alen Mayer helps sales leaders enlarge their sales circles and tap into their team members’ individual strengths to increase sales results. He works closely with companies to create a tailor-made, irresistible language for introverted clients.

Whether you need to sharpen cold-calling techniques or sales strategies, Alen will improve your business. Please visit his website at www.AlenMayer.com or call 647-427-1588 for more information about his powerful sales training seminars, in-house workshops, and speaking engagements.

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“Salespeople aren’t born. They’re made. I make them.” – Alen Mayer

I live, eat and breath sales and combine over 20 years of experience in international sales and business development with the persuasion, psychology and magic of NLP; by attending my training you’re sure to enjoy your time receiving the most advanced sales knowledge available!

I am a newly appointed President of the Sales Association Ontario Chapter and President of the International Association of NLP Sales Professionals; one of the Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012, published author of 4 sales titles, Certified NLP Trainer, Licensed Business Success Coach, and Certified Sales Professional.


  • Connect with your clients instantly and build deep rapport
  • Speak the language of your client’s mind
  • Detect the patterns your customers use to make decisions
  • Discover your prospect’s buying strategy in minutes
  • Persuade on both conscious and unconscious levels
  • Identify the difference between an excuse and real objection
  • Turn objections into approval
  • Get your prospects to close themselves.


  • How to sell to introverts/How to sell as an introvert
  • The secrets of connecting with your clients instantly and establishing rapport
  • How to use EEE™ Representational System to speak the language of your client’s mind
  • How to detect the six patterns your customers use to make decisions
  • How to uncover more needs, wants and desires by properly using Pull, Don’t Push™ principle
  • How to use embedded commands in your presentation to influence your clients

I have inspired audiences across North America and Europe. Whether a business conference, association meeting, or other event, every aspect is planned and coordinated to maximize attendee value. As keynote speaker, I achieve your objectives.

Need a speaker for your group on advanced selling skills? Call me at (647) 427-1588.

NOTE: To book Alen, one of Canada’s top sales experts, please complete the form here, or send an email to alen (at ) alenmajer.com.

NOTE: October 24, 2011 – I legally changed my last name Majer back to my original family name Mayer.


Alen is a superbly focused sales coach, who possesses a very wide commercial band-width. He has become a very significant member of the globally acclaimed Top Sales Experts team, and a highly valued colleague. I have no hesitation in giving Alen my highest personal and professional recommendation”.

Jonathan Farrington, Captain, The Top Sales Experts Team

“Alen is a gifted sales trainer and writer in addition to being a master of the science and art of selling. Alen’s work on “Trigger Events” is outstanding.”

Jeff Blackwell, Founder, SalesPractice.com

“Alen Majer is a true thoughtleader in trigger event selling. He is able to help any sales person identify the right prospects to pursue and the strategy that wins the business. Pay attention to Alen! He knows his stuff!”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert,  Creative

Lee Salz, BusinessExpertsWebinars.com

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