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Myth #15: Introverts are terrible at sales.

2 September 2015 No Comment

“I need to see you trying harder to close sales. You spend so long with people and I never hear you pitch the product!”

Myth #15: Introverts are terrible at sales.

Truth: Introverts excel at sales.

Both extroverts and introverts can be stellar salespeople. The difference is in the execution: extroverts don’t mind cold calling and they want to see immediate reactions and immediate feedback. They are good at pushing for a decision and they are good at thinking on their feet and fielding resistance from the customer.

For better or for worse, the classic used car salesman is the epitome of the extroverted sales technique.

Introverts take a more gentle approach – they listen deeply to the customer’s concerns. They internalize the customer’s needs, and immediately start problem-solving in their heads – “How can my product or service solve your problem?”

They take the time to build a trust relationship with the customer and whether they make the sale or not (they usually do because of this relationship) the customer walks away thinking, “this person cares about me.”

Terry is an expert mountain biker and former pro racer. His job as a rep for a bike manufacturer would seem to be completely counter to his introverted nature. However, it’s perfect for him. He is on the road a lot – a perfect chance to recharge – and his passion for his product shows. Bike shop owners love when Terry makes his rounds.

He is quick to respond whenever there is a warranty issue or other problem with his bike lines. Terry never pushes for sales, knowing that bike shop owners are often dealing with tight finances, but he gets them. A lot of them. He makes a point of letting shop owners know that their success is his success and he will do whatever it takes to promote the shop and drive their sales. As a result, he is highly respected and trusted in the industry.

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