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50 Sales Pros To Follow On Twitter

30 January 2014 2 Comments

slide-1-638I am honoured to be on the list of Top 50 Sales Pros to Follow created by Base CRM!

Everyone they included there tweets regularly about hot topics in sales and many of them write their own blogs or contribute to other blogs and news sources.

I would like to quote them: “To those included on this list, thank you for what you do. Our sales community is better because of you.”

I am humbled and honoured to be included on the list among sales experts like: Jeffrey Gitomer, Anthony Iannarino, Miles Austin, Mark Hunter, Paul Castain, Jill Konrath, Tom Hopkins, Nancy Nardin, Leanne Hoagland Smith, Mike Kunkle, Patricia Fripp, Gerhard Gschwandtner, and many more.

Here is what they say about me:

Alen Mayer  @mayeralen

Alen Mayer calls himself the Chief Sales Introvert, and his mission is unique: making sales and business leadership accessible to people who lack the outgoing extroversion of the archetypical salesman. Alen takes a personal interest in helping businesses build rapport with clients and uncover new opportunities. He speaks, he writes, and he does a stellar job of keeping in touch with his followers and the business community on Twitter.

Here is the full list of 50 Sales Pros To Follow On Twitter from Base CRM:

Visit the website here: 50-sales-pros-to-follow-on-twitter

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  • Thanks for sharing on your blog, Alen! If there is other content on our sales and productivity blog you want to syndicate, please feel free as long as you source 🙂

  • Lauren, I appreciate it and thank you again for having me on your list!