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How to Handle the Fear of Cold Calling

19 December 2011 4 Comments

Are you sales driven? Do you have a natural fear of cold calling? Are you looking for tips on what to avoid when cold calling? This article will give you information on how to handle resistance over the phone from your potential clients so you can book more appointments.

The first step in fighting the fear of cold calling is teaching yourself to not take the calls personal. In this business you will encounter rejection all the time, but the key is knowing that the consumer is rejecting the product or service, not you personally! Once you understand how to separate yourself from the product/service, you will gain the confidence you need to press forward and handle each call accordingly.

Focus on the positive not the negative. Every time someone rejects the product/service, just look at it as an opportunity to make room for those customers that are interested and/or are willing to buy. If you think about it, sometimes the only real way in distinguishing your buying customers is to weed them out from the non-buying ones.

What are some tips on what to avoid when cold calling? What can you do to fight the fears? When it comes to motivating yourself to do more cold calls it can be a challenging task. Here are some tips on finding motivation:

Adopt a powerful physiology. Did you know that your body & mind are connected? If you’re frowning, having a bad day or feeling down, this physiology can influence your attitude. Believe it or not but you can bring out that negative energy or lack of enthusiasm to your prospect via the phone. For tips on building strong physiology…try smiling, standing up, shaking your body out, stretching, taking deep breaths, sitting up straight, etc.

Visualize total success. Your attitude will reflect whatever you’re focusing on. Free yourself from distractions, don’t get sidetracked with less important business and focus on the positive. Visualize a time when you closed a big deal and focus on that energy.
Rehearse your script. Words are powerful and can make or break a deal. Be confident & knowledgeable in what you’re saying.
Be realistic with your goals. In the end remember it’s all about the customer.

Due to today’s economy not only is there a limited client base, but the competition is fierce. Fighting your fears of cold calling & finding inner motivation are crucial keys to your success.

To learn how to fight your fears (not just in sales) get the Audio CD: Fight Your Fears, Worries and Frustrations in Thirty Lessons.

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  • Marc Zazeela

    All great ideas. I might also suggest lots of practice. Practice in the mirror, practice on friends, practice on colleagues. Once you can make the calls without even thinking, the hesitation goes away.

    Like you said, visualize success! Confidence is key.


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  • Vishwajeet

    First up, I am not sure if many people have this fear. Cold calling is a natural way of starting the process of learning to sell. But if someone does carry such a fear, then One way of eliminating fear is to accept before you start that you will make mistakes and that it does not matter. Start with clients which are not too important, so that your mistakes won’t matter too much. And persevere with cold calling, no matter what. Pretty soon it becomes a way of life. Cheers.
    Vishwajeet Rajwaday

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