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Trigger Events also available on Kindle!

27 January 2011 One Comment

My first book Trigger Events is now available on Kindle – get your copy today!

(Earlier this week my latest book Selling IS Better Than Sex became available on Kindle too – get your copy today!)

Did you know that 40% of sales forces will miss their quotas this year; four out of ten salespersons will lose their jobs this year; and over 25% of sales people do not sell enough to cover their cost?

If you are a novice sales rep, seasoned sales veteran or non-sales-savvy entrepreneur, looking for customers… YOU NEED TO READ “TRIGGER EVENTS”

Consider that salespeople require answers to these fundamental questions:

* How am I going to find my next customer?
* How can I differentiate prospects from suspects?
* Can I avoid the uncertainty and inefficiency of cold calling?
* How can I determine my customer’s needs and wants without assuming?
* How can I know if my customer is ready to buy?
* How can I get to presentation and closing faster?

You are not alone here. The issue of getting new customers is a problem in every industry. The problem is that many salespeople are trying to find answers to these questions through methods that were effective in the past but are not suited for today’s buyers – who are skeptical of businesses, resist being sold to and know how to use technology to gain advantages over salespeople.

The book “Trigger Events – How to Find Your Next Customer” is a perfect example of how a major shift can result from using something that’s right there in front of us – in this case, events that create buyer needs.  Get your Kindle copy today!

This book introduces a revolutionary sales paradigm that is fully grounded in today’s realities. It not only answers these fundamental questions (by the way, you can eliminate cold calling altogether) it provides a salesperson with a set of tools that creates the ability to appear in front of a customer with precise knowledge of the customers needs at exactly the time (or even before) the needs are realized by the customer.

All needs are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.


If you prefer printed version, get the soft-cover book Trigger Events today and start selling to new customers tomorrow! Price is only $17.95 and shipping costs are included in the price (North America only)!

To get the electronic version (e-book) please click HERE.

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