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Cold Calling for Introverts

Clammy hands?  Blank mind?  Have you become an expert at creative avoidance?  An introvert never actually looks forward to cold calling, yet it’s a necessity for successful career in selling. Happily, there are some simple cold calling techniques you as an introvert can use to become much more comfortable, move past your fear and enjoy […]

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Business Culture and Introverts

Business culture is geared toward the go-getter, the team player, the networker, the entrepreneur and the leader. It’s about power, getting ahead, cutthroat competition, deals and leverage. It is, isn’t it? On the surface, this sounds like an automatic recipe for success for the extrovert, and disaster for the introvert. But as you’ll soon read, […]

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Four Obligations Every Insurance Agent Has

The members of any profession, since they constitute a specifically trained group of people, are looked upon to assume the responsibility of leadership in work allied to their own. The doctor is looked upon as the leader in public-health campaigns, and the lawyer in campaigns for civic betterment. You, like every other successful insurance agent, […]

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Two Types of Objections  When Selling Insurance

It would be out of the question, of course, to assign any objection to a definite group and to prescribe a way of meeting that objection. When your prospect says, “I can’t afford it,” he may mean, “I don’t want to waste time talking to you” — in other words, your prospect can use this statement […]

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Meeting Objections When Selling Insurance

There are only two topics upon which you may speak authoritatively with a free imagination and without the possibility of being controverted. You may talk of your dreams and you may tell what you heard a parrot say. Both Morpheus and the bird are incompetent witnesses; and your listener dare not attack your description of […]

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7 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy Insurance

It is an important fact in human nature that each person’s mind tends to construct and live in its own mental world and to resist invasion. Hence, there exists in most people a strong predisposition to object to proposals which they think will commit them to an unaccustomed course of action, or which will necessitate […]

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3 Easy Ways To Create Rapport With Anyone

You cannot not communicate. Communication differentiates us from animals. We exchange meaning and respond to each other through dialogue. The most important process in any interaction is rapport. Rapport is responsiveness – you don’t have to ‘like’ the other person; it is something we do with another person. Remember that rapport is a process, not […]

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Feel, Felt, Found Technique

Watch This Video Right Now To Learn How to use Feel, Felt, Found Technique and Handle Objections Elegantly…And Help Your Clients Make Right Decision! Visit my website to get instant access to 52 of the Most Important Sales Tips, via audio and PDF sent to you once per week. I’ll personally show you the ropes […]

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Guest Post: About Arrogant Salespeople

I read a lot of articles on LinkedIn in my spare time. A LOT. So, when I say this is one of the most disheartening things I’ve ever read – you know I have a pretty decent sample size. I read two comments on this article, one by someone with what appears to be a […]

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Stop Using Features and Benefits!

The key to successful selling is understanding a client’s buying criteria and building your presentation around them. It is common knowledge that nobody likes to be sold to, but people love to buy, and because your prospects feel resistance towards salespeople in general, you need to present your product or service in a way that […]