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Are You Shy, or Just Introverted Salesperson?

Have you ever felt weird in your business environment, like you don’t fit in? Do you hear people (or your manager) saying to you that you need to change, to speak up, to speak louder and be more assertive? Have you ever been labeled “shy” when you’re really just introverted? It’s not a given that [...]

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Sales Pitfalls: Lack of System and Lack of Head Work

Sloppy methods in any business produce failure. Lack of system may not make a person fail entirely, but unless a person is systematic she is subject to a tremendous waste of energy and money. System means success; saving time; carrying out your resolves; having a definite time each morning to start to work, and starting; [...]

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Sales Pitfalls: Giving Up

Another pitfall (besides fear) in sales is lack of energy – indifference, disinclination. Lack of energy is lack of integrity. A person of great integrity is capable of enduring great hardship, and is therefore worthy of great reward. Integrity means hard work, it means head work, it means success. Weak people get cold feet, and [...]

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10 Ways to Grow Your Business

When people first think of selling, they get an unsatisfactory image of a car salesman. However, selling represents a critical business growth strategy that keeps businesses alive, keeps revenue coming in, and pays bills. So everybody to some extent depends on businesses performing good selling. A customer also needs a reason to buy. He needs [...]

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Salespeople have done more for progress than anyone imagines

Whenever a new commodity appears, we ridicule it, and oppose it, and refuse to buy it at any price. Then the salesperson trains his energies on us. We fight for a while, and finally we surrender. But we give no credit, or glory, to the salesperson. We walk up to the counter and buy the [...]

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Cold Calling Clinic: How to Book Appointments via Phone

Cold Calling Works! Register for this 2-hour training and learn how to create your winning cold calling script that will get you in front of your prospects tomorrow. Register here: http://www.bookmoreappointments.com/ Why this training? This professional training is created specifically for all sales people, no matter what they are selling, self-employed professionals and small businesses owners. If [...]

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Cold Calling: Words to Avoid

If you’re just getting started in the sales process, or if you’re updating your sales procedures in the hopes of getting better results, chances are your cold calling scripts will be getting at least some of the attention. If so, you may just be wondering what to avoid when cold calling, and in this article, [...]

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If you live by price – you will die by price

If your prospect does not see the value in your product or service, and if the only difference between you and the competitors is in pricing, you didn’t do a good job as a sales person. The main description of your position inside the company is to create the value, not just to show your [...]

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Cold Calling for Introverts

Clammy hands?  Blank mind?  Have you become an expert at creative avoidance?  An introvert never actually looks forward to cold calling, yet it’s a necessity for successful career in selling. Happily, there are some simple cold calling techniques you as an introvert can use to become much more comfortable, move past your fear and enjoy [...]

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How to Cold Call Canadians

When cold calling Canadians, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Just as diverse as Canadians Alex Trebek, Shania Twain, Mike Myers and Celine Dion are, so too are the Canadian people. Canada is a polite, resilient multicultural nation. We thrive on our individuality and respect the customs of our indigenous people, and [...]