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Cold Calling Clinic: How to Book Appointments via Phone

Cold Calling Works! Register for this 2-hour training and learn how to create your winning cold calling script that will get you in front of your prospects tomorrow. When: May 7th, from 7-9PM EST (4-6 PST) Why this training? This professional training is created specifically for all sales people, no matter what they are selling, [...]

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Why Introverts Make Great Salespeople – An Interview with Alen Mayer

When you think about introverts, most people don’t think of them as good salespeople, let alone great salespeople. The truth is they have many qualities that help them do better in sales than other personality types. Recently I was interviewed by RainToday.com about why introverts are great salespeople. Please visit RainToday.com and download the podcast! “There are many [...]

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Stop Using Features and Benefits!

The key to successful selling is understanding a client’s buying criteria and building your presentation around them. It is common knowledge that nobody likes to be sold to, but people love to buy, and because your prospects feel resistance towards salespeople in general, you need to present your product or service in a way that [...]

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50 Sales Pros To Follow On Twitter

I am honoured to be on the list of Top 50 Sales Pros to Follow created by Base CRM! Everyone they included there tweets regularly about hot topics in sales and many of them write their own blogs or contribute to other blogs and news sources. I would like to quote them: “To those included [...]

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Are You Shy, or Just Introverted Salesperson?

Have you ever felt weird in your business environment, like you don’t fit in? Do you hear people (or your manager) saying to you that you need to change, to speak up, to speak louder and be more assertive? Have you ever been labeled “shy” when you’re really just introverted? It’s not a given that [...]

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The Top 6 Sales Management Posts of 2013

For two weeks in December 2013, ShareBloc ran a contest to find the Top Content Marketing Posts of 2013 as part of their open beta launch. More than 640 voters cast their ballots 7,678 times to narrow a competitive field of 175 nominations to the top 50. My article about the Agreement Frame was #1 in Sales Management for [...]

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Sales Training Today Is For Extroverts – How To Change That?

Most sales training is geared towards extroverts, chiefly for the fact that few introverts entertain sales as a viable means of generating an income, but when the introvert joins the ranks, they can bring a lot to the table that extroverts cannot. It’s important to identify the positive traits that introverts can bring to the [...]

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How to Appeal to Your Introverted Clients

According to Psychology Today, up to 50 per cent of the population can be defined as introverted. While significant publications like the The Atlas of Types Table (Macdaid et al, 1994) describe the sales industry as predominantly populated by extroverts, your customer base is not. This means that while you’re unbridled zest and enthusiasm will [...]

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When Features and Benefits Don’t Get It Done (an interview with Alen Mayer)

Few weeks ago I was interviewed by the GiveGetWin Charity and I provided a sales training session with all the proceeds going to charity. Here is a transcript of my interview: The New Rules For Sales — When Features and Benefits Don’t Get It Done  Sales wisdom from Alen Mayer, as told to Chiara Cokieng Alen Mayer [...]

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In the current employment market, the salary on offer is rarely seen as the only consideration for prospective employees. Other benefits, such as a good working environment, a balanced work/home life, flexibility and a positive employer image are now seen as increasingly important. Developing an exciting employer brand has come to be a priority for [...]